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VoIP and Samsung Phone Systems: The Basics

Expensive phone calls are a thing of the past!

Samsung telephone systems are Australia’s most popular phone system – they’re incredibly user-friendly, reliable and offer great value for money. As a VoIP compatible phone system, the Samsung PABX can save any sized business money.

At Infiniti we’ll help your business avoid the VoIP pitfalls so you can:

  • Slash phone call costs
  • Link multiple sites easily
  • Reduce expensive line rentals 
  • Work from anywhere (remotely) with FREE calls between offices and off-site staff
  • Have calls transferred to your home, hotel room and back again!
  • You can offer your staff the flexibility of working from home and your clients will never know
  • Make calls, receive calls, listen to voicemail etc all from a laptop or PC
  • Save $10,000’s by eliminating unnecessary staff
  • And so much more!!!
Why Choose an Samsung VoIP Phone System?

The Samsung telephone system is a fantastic option because you’ll receive all the VoIP benefits, combined with an affordable and incredibly reliable platform.

As an added bonus, having a digital phone system such as the Samsung PABX means that you’ll never be completely reliant on you internet connection for communication. This is a far more stable option and ensures that if your internet is down for any reason, you will still be able to make phone calls and conduct business.

Samsung digital handsets are also far cheaper than the Samsung VoIP handsets, which is another way you’ll save even more money! 

What is VoIP?

VoIP is state of the art technology that allows you to speak on a phone, send it over the internet as “data packets”, and reassemble it all in a split second to sound completely normal to the person on the other end of the line.
VoIP is simply “Voice”, or a normal phone call, going over the internet instead of traditional Telstra phone lines. VoIP is different because you don’t need cables - you just need an internet connection.

VoIP Licences

To utilise VoIP on your Samsung phone systems, all you need to do is purchase the VoIP licences that you require for your situation.  Samsung VoIP licences come in three varieties:

  • Individual user VoIP licences:  For every staff member that works remotely or from home and needs to connect back to your Samsung telephone system you need a VoIP licence (i.e if you have 4 staff members working from home or remotely, then you will require 4 licences.
  • VoIP trunk licences:  These licences are used to link two or more Samsung phone systems together (just like regular phone lines).  For example, if you have 6 VoIP trunk licences between 2 sites it means that you will only be able to make 6 VoIP calls between the sites at any time.
  • VoIP SIP Trunks:  This option offers the benefits of phenomenal call rates and no line rentals and works by eliminating the need for phone lines completely. You connect to your phone provider strictly through your internet connection. SIP trunking is not currently offered by many phone call carriers and is typically only offered for larger organisations.
Choose an Samsung telephone system for your business size:

Micro Business Samsung DX408 Phone System (1-8 staff)

Samsung DX408 Phone System  

Incredibly easy to use and afford
The Samsung DX 408 pbx system gives you all the basic features you’ll need (easy transfer, on hold, redial etc) and none that you won’t use – at a price that any small business can afford. Learn more…

Small Business Samsung 7100 Phone System (1-15 staff)

Samsung 7100 Phone System  

Popular choice that can grow as your business does
The Samsung 7100 phone system is a fantastic choice for small business: reliable, easy to use and great value. CTI technology will transform how your business communicates and with VoIP compatibility and simple expansion, it’s also future proof. Learn more…

Medium Business Samsung 7100 Phone System (15-32 staff)

Samsung 7100 Phone System  

Combines your computer and phone system for the ultimate usability
Samsung 7100 phone systems feature intelligent hybrid handsets, CTI and VOIP capabilities and are designed to be incredibly easy to use. Plus, the Samsung 7100 pabx system can be effortlessly expanded as your business grows. Learn more…

Corporate Business Samsung 7200 Phone System (30+ staff)

Samsung 7200 Phone System  

A powerhouse of technology and user friendly features
It’s easy to see why the Samsung 7200 won the Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine's "Product of the Year" Award (2005) with advanced features such as VoIP, CTI, superior call handling and customisable handsets. Learn more…

VoIP communication is the way of the future. Switch to a VoIP enabled
Samsung telephone system and discover the benefits for yourself.

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